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Hallux metatarsal phalangeal joint fusion is probably the most common operation that Dr O’Sullivan performs. This means straightening


Bunion corrective surgery is a common operation that Dr O’Sullivan performs and is usually done with percutaneous technique

This is commonly performed by Dr O’Sullivan and he usually involves a combination of bony and soft tissue

Heel pain is a common presentation to Dr O’Sullivan’s clinic. The most common cause of heel pain is

This is a common sports injury in a 40 year old running, jumping impact player. A ruptured tendo-Achillies


Sports injuries are commonly seen in Dr O’Sullivan’s clinic. These can be anything from a simple ankle sprain

This surgery has been performed by Dr O’Sullivan for over 16 years. At the moment the prosthesis that


Hind foot fusion of either the ankle, subtalar or the mid-tarsal joint is frequently done for gross arthritis


This is commonly done in 50 and 60 year old woman with tendon disease. This sees progressive flat

Percutaneous foot and ankle surgery is done frequently by Dr O’Sullivan. This technique is used for plantar fascia


This is a commonly performed procedure by Dr O’Sullivan. He does both anterior ankle arthroscopy and posterior ankle

Is a challenging and complex surgical topic. Dr O’Sullivan looks after the diabetic foot both in the Public